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And now, this Sunday….

Organizational Meeting

Sunday, September 14, 4-8 pm at Quaker House, 5615 S. Woodlawn,
for our 5th Annual

Evening of Horror & Suspense in the Old Time Radio Tradition

We need: dramatic readers, cunning sound-effects creators, spooky music makers.  This production is staged like a live radio show.  There are no lines to learn and rehearsal schedule is light; perfect for people who’d like to be involved by can’t afford the time for a full theatrical production.  Also  great for people who are clever and like the idea of working to make live sound effects and for people who make music.  We work to include everyone who wants a part. For more info: write info@hydeparkcommunityplayers.org

Friday Staged Readings

(To learn more about our monthly series of Friday Staged Readings and how you can get involved,  and for a schedule of upcoming readings, click here.)


are now up on our Facebook page of our most recent production,  Drones, Clones, and Phones: I Know What You Did Last Summer, our first-ever improv show, directed by Dan Friedrich. Check them out.  And while you’re there, please “Like” us.  Thanks.

Follow the excitement of staging Arcadia, by Tom Stoppard, directed by Paul Baker. Check out the show’s  blog for a look into a production in the works.

And by the way,
The Romeo & Juliet Blog
is the blog that just keeps on giving.  Susan has been kind enough to share a blog entry she wrote in her own personal blog, sparked by her part as Juliet’s Nurse.  Click over to the blog and scroll down to April 23 for a good read.

And More

Click here to see our entire 2013-2014 Season!

Watch our upcoming events page for details of HPCP meetings, auditions, productions and other gatherings.

And if you’d like to be on our e-mail list or involved in the Players, drop us a line at info@hydeparkcommunityplayers.org

HPCP presents: PAY TO PLAY!

We read your feedback forms. So we know that some of you want more comedy. And some of you want more drama. And it’s too close to call. So in proud Chicago tradition, we’ve decided to let you vote on it…for a price.  Click here to learn more.

Who are we?

We are a not-for-profit, all-volunteer group dedicated to creating and nurturing vital community theater in the greater Hyde Park, Chicago neighborhood.  We are always happy to welcome new people who would like to join us in our planning, our activities, and our productions. We emphasize genuine engagement in the project of creating both community and theater.  Active members commit to working on the implementation and the promotion of each HPCP production. (And, by the way, this is a growing website.  We hope it has what you needed today; we look to be able to offer much, much more in the future.  Thanks for visiting.)

Our Productions to Date page is your gateway to records of past productions in pictures and words.  Photos from past productions are up on our Facebook page.  Check them out, and while you’re there, why not say you “like” us?  And if you tweet, you can also follow us on @HPCPlayers

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